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[Comparison] First Class or Charter Flight?
Flying first-class is a traditional status symbol, and chartering a flight takes the journey to a whole new level. While the President of a country or the mega-rich are whizzed around the world by the...
[Top Jets] You Must Know In 2021!
新一年!你不可不知的私人飞机资讯   您了解私人飞机吗?您知道私人飞机有哪些型号吗?您知道富豪都爱用哪个型号的私人飞机吗?您知道过去一年旅人们有哪些旅行心愿吗?让我们在2021年的第一天,为您揭开私人飞机的神秘面纱。   热门私人飞机机型 01 湾流G650 —— 富豪热捧 价值6,500万美金湾流G650(Gulfstream G650)是美国湾流制造...