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HKEJ Interview

Albert Yip, CEO of Aero Link, was invited for an interview with the Hong Kong Economic Journal, which is a leading financial newspaper in Hong Kong. Aero Link experienced a fourfold surge of the demand for air charter services in the first quarter of the year. Albert believes that massive flight cancellations and lockdowns worldwide have contributed to the popularity of private charter services.

In an effort to combat Covid-19, governments have imposed restrictions on commercial airlines but private charter flights remain relatively flexible and less affected. However, the disease prevention measures such as the quarantine requirements have complicated the charter operations. On the other hand, Albert is also a management advisor of private jet owners and prominent businessmen who need to fly frequently. He suggests that using air charter services is more cost-effective than buying a private jet due to the costs associated with the management and maintenance of the aircraft. Despite the pandemic, he is confident that the prospect of the air charter industry is promising. The aircraft industry is the few industries that can remain unaffected by the pandemic. He notices that there has been a 70% increase in aircraft trading since the outbreak of Covid-19. Currently, he is planning to expand operations, and to do so, he aims to purchase 20 aircraft to meet the growing demand for air charter services in the coming five years.