Aircraft Sales and Acquisition

Your Trusted Sales and Acquisition Partner

Your Trusted Sales and Acquisition Partner

Aircrew Management 3800+
Contract Days
Aircraft Leasing Management 92+
Crews Supported
Sales and Acquisition 102+
Cities operated
Charter Services 30+
Clients cooperated

Whether you are acquiring or selling a private jet, we have all the technical expertise to guide you through the process step by step. At AERO LINK, we have formed strong relationships with aircraft manufacturers, carriers and operators. Through the years, our network has continued to grow, reaching more and more valuable vendors and clients. This puts us in an excellent position to carry out aircraft sales and acquisition on your behalf.

All-inclusive Services for Aircraft Acquisition

Buying an aircraft at the right price requires a strong understanding of the business aviation market. Our market analysts have extensive experience in aircraft pricing and will give you expert advice and negotiate the best possible price for your jet. If you are looking to purchase or upgrade your aircraft, our acquisition specialists will help you find the right model and manage the entire process, making the purchase an enjoyable experience for you.

We will handle the entire aircraft acquisition process for you.

  • Analysing the business aviation market
  • Identifying the aircraft that meets your requirements
  • Negotiating contractual terms
  • Performing a thorough technical survey
  • Conducting pre-purchase inspection
  • Verifying compliance, certifications and registration procedures
  • Delivering the aircraft

We have expert knowledge in:

Aircrew Management
Pricing of pre-owned aircraft
Aircraft Leasing Management
Maintenance and inspection
Sales and Acquisition
Contract terms & structures
Charter Services
Privacy protection

Meticulous Preparation of Contractual Documents

At Aero Link, we promise to provide you with the best sales and acquisition services that are available on the market. Therefore, we will manage the entire transaction on your behalf from pricing and advertising to negotiating purchase agreement and drafting contractual terms and conditions.

We will handle everything to free you from all the hassles.

  • Letters of intent
  • Purchase & sales agreements
  • Coordination and supervision of pre-purchase inspections
  • Closing documentation
  • International registration documentation
  • Coordination with lenders

Although aircraft ownership is a complex and costly venture, sometimes it makes more sense to buy a jet rather than book a charter flight. With a proven track record of success in sales and acquisition of commercial and private jets, we will help you secure the best aircraft financing rate, in addition to overseeing interior modifications and major refurbishment of both new and pre-owned aircraft.

Meticulous Preparation of Contractual Documents

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