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What is Ferry Flight?

A ferry flight, also known as positioning flight, generally refers to a non-revenue-generating flight operation that requires moving an aircraft from one place to another. One example is when an operator delivers an empty jet to its passenger who has ordered the plane for a charter journey. Even when there is no passenger on board, the plane has to be shipped to a location. Some operators would open up the journey for people who want to ‘hitchhike’ at a reduced fare. Hence, ferry flying a plane can double up its function as a charter flight that comes at a discounted fare.

Purpose of a ferry flight 

Some common purposes of a ferry flight include returning an aircraft to its base, positioning an empty plane, or moving it to and from a repair facility. Ferry flights usually do not carry passengers or goods; thus, the main aim is not for generating profits.

A ferry flight can be used for:

  • moving an aircraft from a base of operation to another,
  • moving an empty jet from one airport to another,
  • positioning or repositioning an empty plane,
  • moving an airliner to and from a maintenance base,
  • returning a plane to base, or
  • delivering a new aircraft from a manufacturer to its buyer.

Can I take a ferry flight? 

The short answer is YES. You can ride on a ferry flight. Flying an empty aircraft incurs costs like petrol and aircrew expenses, so most operators would avoid repositioning aircrafts if possible. Nevertheless, if a ferry flight is necessary, the operators may announce such positioning flights to see if any passengers would pay for the costs to deliver the plane to its destination. A ferry flight can double up as a private charter flight, and this type of voyage is often advertised as an empty leg flight in the industry.


Pricing of ferry flights 

Taking an empty leg flight usually costs from half price to one-third of the fare for a normal charter flight. Although an empty leg flight might not be as flexible as a charter flight in terms of flexibility and aircraft modelling, passengers receive equally excellent service provided by charter flight companies and save up to 70% of standard fares.

How do I get notified for upcoming ferry flights? 

There are a few different platforms for you to inquire about upcoming ferry flight journeys weeks or even months ahead. By following the latest update of AERO LINK on social media, including LinkedIn and WeChat, you would be informed of our most up-to-date empty leg routings for popular destinations. You may also contact the AERO LINK team directly to check if there are any suitable ferry routings to allow you to enjoy your next charter journey at a bargain.


Should I take an empty leg flight? 

The main difference between an empty leg flight and a normal charter flight is that passengers of an empty leg flight cannot fully control their flight schedule on departure and arrival time. Operators are required to deliver the plane on time according to clients’ requests. If a ferry flight passenger misses the flight, he or she will need to reschedule the flight with extra costs. Nonetheless, if the schedule fits your itinerary, the private jet experience from a charter ferry flight is equally exceptional and exclusive, so why not?

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