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Pet Charter – FAQ

Are you looking for pet friendly charter flights? Aero Link is here to help!

Being a team of pet lovers, Aero Link sees pets as friends and family and they should be travelling with us in a cabin, not as a cargo. Aero Link offers pet friendly charter flights to allow our four-legged friends to sit next to their owners so they can be carefully monitored during the whole flight journey.


What is a pet charter?

A pet charter refers to a charter flight that allows passengers to take their pets on board an aircraft when travelling to their destination. Passengers no longer have to worry about leaving their beloved pets at home or in the cargo hold when travelling. Not every charter plane allows pets aboard. Therefore, it is important to notify your flight operators ahead of booking so a pet friendly charter flight can be arranged for you accordingly.



Why should I choose pet charter over commercial airlines?

In most cases with commercial airlines, pets are required to be shipped in the cargo area where they have to be separated from their owners during the flight journey. There are also more restrictions when transporting pets with commercial airlines. For example, the number of pets is usually limited to one per passenger; some breeds or pet types are not eligible to be on board a commercial aircraft because of the different air pressure inside cargo hold, which may lead to breathing problems for some specific breeds, such as Bulldogs, Pugs, and Persian cats, at high altitudes.

The flexibility in a pet friendly charter flight is much higher. Charter flights allow passengers to bring any type of pets and breeds on a private jet as long as there is no immigration requirement at landing. Depending on the country, the maximum number of pets is less restricted on a private jet than a commercial flight. If departing from Hong Kong, a maximum of 10 pets are allowed on board a private jet per journey.


What can I expect on a pet charter journey?

First of all, your pet will be placed next to you in the passenger area. Depending on the situation, if there are no other passengers or other types of pets travelling on the same flight with you, dogs and cats are usually allowed out of their cages to walk freely in the cabin. Birds, reptiles, and other animals will be handled on a case-by-case basis. You can bring food to feed your pets on board. Aero Link can also help to arrange any kind of food for you and your pets.



Does a pet charter cost more than a normal charter flight?

Some operators may charge a small fee for pets on board. Unless there are any administrative fees on airports or, if cleaning fees are applied for accidents and smells and so on, Aero Link would NOT charge any extra for bringing your pets to travel with you.


Can I share a pet charter flight with other flying parties?

Considering the growing demand of people wishing to charter a plane to travel with their pets while budget can be a concern, Aero Link is very willing to give a helping hand to allow passengers from different parties to book a shared flight with us if no regulation is violated. In order to lower the cost for chartering a plane, passengers are recommended to look around for people with similar flight schedule on social media or other online platforms to arrange a merged flight with us.



What documents do I need to take my pets on a private jet?

  • A valid pet passport or animal health certificate to confirm your pet is fit for travel
  • Identification of your pets’ microchip
  • Valid vaccinations depending on countries of arrival and departure

Each country has different requirements regarding travel documentations and vaccinations for pets. The timings of needed paperwork also vary among countries. Please consult the Customs Department at your destination and connect with our charter experts to find out more details.


Why should I arrange a pet charter with Aero Link?

The Aero Link team is a group of animal lovers who care about animals’ safety, comfort and well-being. From kittens to large dog breeds, birds to reptiles, our Aero Link charter experts provide professional advice to help you and your beloved pets to arrange the safest and most comfortable flight to your destination on a private jet. Contact our charter expert now to seek more advice and get a no obligation quotation for your next pet charter journey!