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AERO LINK Won The Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Leaders Awards 2021

Chief Executive Officer – Mr Albert Yip


We are pleased to announce that AERO LINK and our CEO, Mr Albert Yip, have won the Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Leaders Awards 2021 along with the Most Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of The Year!

Presented by CorpHub, a famous integrated business digital media platform, this flagship business award ceremony in Hong Kong commends enterprises for outstanding performance in different areas including leadership management and administration, market competitiveness, brand innovation, product or service excellence and corporate social responsibility. All awardees were selected by an independent committee led by industry experts, business chamber executive members and professionals to ensure fairness, openness, and recognizability.

Winning this award once again proves the efforts AERO LINK has been putting into delivering the finest service to clients, creating an all-round workplace environment and making endless contributions to both the industry and our society.

The ceremony was successfully held today at Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong, with over 100 local and international companies lauded for their outstanding performance. As Mr John Wong, founder of Star Alliance Group, aptly and insightfully put it: a different style of applause, like the “Oscars standing ovation” and a normal polite applause, can bring a totally different result; one’s attitude determines one’s altitude. It was a great pleasure to see many businesses achieving innovative transformation during this difficult time. We are pleased to be surrounded by great leaders from different backgrounds. AERO LINK is deeply honored by this remarkable award!


AERO LINK’s Operations Manager, Ms Betsy Lai, represented the company to receive the awards from CorpHub.


AERO LINK榮獲香港最優秀領袖大獎2021

繼取得ARGUS頒授的國際認證後,AERO LINK及其行政總裁葉家麟先生再下一城,獲CorpHub評選為年度傑出青年企業家,並獲頒香港最優秀領袖大獎2021!對於奪得此項殊榮,AERO LINK深感榮幸能從同行中脫穎而出,並得到業界領袖一致認可。


對於獲得此驕人成績,再一次引證AERO LINK團隊所展現的專業和付出,好讓顧客和業界對我們的管理、服務質素、品牌和信譽充滿信心。頒獎典禮於今天下午在九龍香格里拉酒店順利舉行,感謝大會和評審的充分肯定。正如星匯集團創辦人 – 黃智偉先生,在致辭時以「奧斯卡式鼓掌方式」作比喻提到︰同一件事情,以不同方式處理,將演繹出全不一樣的結果。在這艱難時刻,AERO LINK有幸能在頒獎台上與超過一百位努力不懈、迎難而上的同路人並肩而行,揭開業務的新一頁。AERO LINK定必秉持一貫精神,繼續完善服務、貢獻社會,並引領市場不斷創新,追尋突破!


Marketing and Operations Executive – Mr Thomas Lo (L); Operations Manager – Ms Betsy Lai (R)