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AERO LINK Becomes An ARGUS Registered Broker!

It’s official! AERO LINK is now an ARGUS Registered Broker!

AERO LINK is pleased to announce it has achieved the ARGUS Registered Charter Broker Rating, highlighting its commitment to its customers and the integrity of its operations. The Registered Charter Broker Rating is only awarded to brokers who have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best practices for their flight operations.

Achieving ARGUS Registered Charter Broker status is a testament to the aviation community that forthrightness in operation standards is AERO LINK’s top priority. ARGUS Registered Charter Brokers voluntarily submit all operations documents for review and sign the Air Charter Association (also known as BACA) pledge, committing to maintain the highest professional standards in their day-to-day business activities.

This means that AERO LINK, as a charter company, has been evaluated and approved by the world’s leading business aviation auditing authorization – ARGUS International, to verify the legitimacy of AERO LINK for providing safe and lawful charter services.

“Achieving the Registered Charter Broker Rating distinguishes AERO LINK from the rest of the industry and displays its commitment to integrity with its operation,” said Joe Moeggenberg, CEO of ARGUS International, Inc. “We are excited to work with another operation that pledges compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, and customer-dictated preferences.”

About ARGUS International Inc.

ARGUS International, Inc., a member of the SGS Group, is the worldwide leader in specialized aviation services that allow organizations to improve their operational and business decision making with software solutions. ARGUS Market Intelligence offers custom aviation reporting with targeted data such as flight tracking, fleet intelligence, and aircraft activity analysis with TRAQPak. ARGUS provides a collection of safety audits for both the business aviation and commercial aviation sectors. ARGUS Charter operator ratings are the most recognized and requested independent source of overall operator quality in the business aviation space. ARGUS subsidiaries include ARGUS PROS, the leading provider of onsite safety audits, and PRISM, a worldwide leader in safety management systems, certification, and consultation services.  ARGUS was founded in 1995 and headquartered in Colorado. To learn more about ARGUS International, please visit

We are incredibly proud that AERO LINK has become one of the 51 ARGUS officially recognizable brokers in the world and one of the two ARGUS members in Asia. We would live up to the expectation and continue to deliver the best quality aviation services!


AERO LINK 正式成為亞洲第一間榮獲ARGUS認證的航空服務公司!

獲得ARGUS認證,代表著AERO LINK的包機業務達到國際標準並通過嚴格審核,不論是運營能力、服務質素,以至飛行安全等各方面都備受充分認可。

ARGUS成立於1995年,是全球唯一一家同時擁有國際航空協會及國際公務機協會雙重授權,並擁有獨立審核標準的國際公務機評估公司。其審視項目包括安全管理系統、公司組織架構、人員培訓、飛行運營、 應急應變等12項內容。 ARGUS的航空審核認證業務遍布全球60多個國家。目前全球共有51所航空服務公司獲得ARGUS認證,在亞洲只有兩間,而AERO LINK正是其中一間!對於獲得此殊榮,AERO LINK深感榮幸,並定必在往後日子繼續以優質服務為大眾提供安心、可靠的包機服務!