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[2021 Prediction] 10 Reasons That Make Private Jets Becomes a Common Transport!

Whether you’re off to a business trip in London or a weekend of fun under the sun in Koh Saumi, private jet travel is by far the best and most convenient way to get to your destination.

You might be thinking, “I can’t afford that” or something like, “It’s too luxury and it’s not for me”. Well, Private planes are no longer for exclusive to multi-billionaires and celebrities. Jet charters are becoming more popular among business people, families and frequent flyers.

The cost of chartering a plane today is nowhere as expensive as it was few years ago. With the industry is more open up to new competition than ever, that has given users more choices with affordable pricing. Some jet charter companies become generous in offering discounted deals! if you have a flexible schedule, you can even book an empty leg flight for almost the same price as a first-class seat!

Private Jet is an excellent way to start your trip, especially if you’re flying with a group. Here are some of the best reasons why you should fly private when you can.

1) You can land and depart closer to your destination

Passengers have the advantage of boarding their flights from a FBO (private jet terminal). Because private jets are significantly smaller in size, passengers have more option in choosing airports. The private jet service companies will arrange departure closer to their location and land in terminals near their destination.

2) Wide range of private jets selection to accommodate your needs 

A wide range of selections to meet your needs. You can charter an Ultra Long range aircraft with up to 14 seats for a long-haul business trip to London or a Mid-Size cabin with up to 10 seats for your family trip from Hong Kong to Koh Samui. The cost of flying on private for a group of people can be comparable to flying first class or sometime business class.

3) High level of customer services

Regardless of the type of the private jets, you will receive an unparalleled level of service onboard. The difference between the services onboard private and commercial jet can completely alter your in-flight experience. In another words, they’re worlds apart.

4) Travel time to be more productive 

The privacy that private charters allowing passengers to spend the entire flight however they wish. Whether you want to go over pending paperwork, hold a video conference with business partners, host a meeting or close business deals during the flight however you wish.

5) Full control of your schedule

One of the primary advantages of chartering a private jet is having the freedom to set your own flight schedule. Just in case of something urgent comes up at the last minute, to delay or reroute your flight, all you need to do is to inform your dedicated flight manager so they can make the necessary arrangement for you.

6) Time efficiency Do you remember the delay or the long waiting line to get onboard when flying commercial? If you arrive at the boarding gates with just minutes to spare, you are almost certain to miss your flight.

When you choose to fly with a private jet, you will be 100% certain the plane would not depart without you! You can arrive at the FBO 10 – 15 minutes prior to departure or even few minutes late, that shouldn’t be anything you should worry.

7) You can hand select your fellow passengers

While everyone is concerning the hygiene when flying with commercial airlines, travelers will try to put their protective gear up for the whole flight and try not to eat, drink or using the lavatory.

Flying with private jets you can choose your fellow passengers. Instead of sharing a large, cramped commercial aircraft with strangers from all over the world, flying private provides the added assurance that everyone on the passenger manifest is personal guest. You can feel more comfortable openly discussing their travel itineraries and any recent illnesses.

8) Fewer passengers make private jet easier to clean and disinfect

With the outbreak of the pandemic, most travelers are much worry on the hygiene with flying commercial airlines. While the National Institutes of Health and World Health Organization provide guidance on routine cleaning schedules for all types of aircraft, private jets are generally in the air less often and transporting fewer passengers than the most commercial aircraft. These variables make the logistics of cleaning the aircraft easier to manage, with fewer possibilities for cross-contamination.

9) More flexible luggage weight limit

Do you remember the last time you re-pack your luggage at the check in counter and paying an extra for overcoming the weight limited permitted are over? Flying with private jet, you will have more freedom to bring the luggage that you need. The restrictions are less restricted than in the commercial flights.

10) The future of travel trend  

The outbreak of the pandemic has increased the demand with flying private jets. Industry experts believe the future of long-haul flying will be less than pre-pandemic, city pairs will be limited, cost and time of travel will be increased. In November 2020, IATA forecasted 2021, despite the overall performance on airline industry will be better than 2020, will be another tough year for the airline industry. However, the resume of business activities will drive the demand on flying but with a private jet.

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