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【News Update】Learn more about Vaccine Passport

Getting ready to travel again?

We have got some exciting news to share with you! The COVID-19 vaccine passport is now available to 27 member states, Switzerland, Norway and specific categories of travelers from third countries from July 1st. The travel restrictions between countries will also be gradually relaxed as vaccination is picking up pace around the world and new virus cases are decreasing in Europe. Tourists that have been fully vaccinated with vaccines approved by the European Union will be exempted from quarantine and will only have to show a “Digital COVID Certificate” to enter and travel in the EU states.

Besides, Iceland has taken the lead in lifting some international COVID-19 related entry restrictions. Under most circumstances, Iceland permits entry from any country for fully vaccinated individuals as long as their vaccine has been approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) or EMA (European Medicines Agency). Individuals who have received the SinoVac or BioNTech vaccination are exempted from quarantine and COVID-19 testing upon arrival.

Moreover, Thai authorities have given the green light to reopen Phuket to vaccinated visitors, bypassing quarantine requirements, starting from July! Fully vaccinated tourists that hold a negative PCR test result are also allowed to travel to other parts of Thailand after staying in Phuket for 14 days.

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A warm reminder: be sure to pay attention to the latest regulatory arrangements and keep up to date with the latest travel guidelines of different countries when you are planning your travels in these unprecedented times!







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