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AERO LINK is delighted to announce that we have signed a cooperation agreement with One Two Three Airlines, a subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines headquartered in Shanghai, after reaching a consensus on 10th August 2021. Our first joint flight operation, aircraft delivery to a new owner, was successfully completed on 27th August 2021.

Most airports in China are only providing limited services and some are even under temporary closure during COVID-19, which greatly affects aircrafts’ delivery schedule. In this mission, not only did we have to handle various documents for our client, try our best to ensure the operation can be carried out as planned, we also had to liaise with contractors constantly to make sure they are available for the mission and that their documents are valid for the flight. Although we faced different challenges in this operation, especially during departure in China and upon arrival in the United States because of some aircraft document issues, we were able to handle the unexpected by liaising with different parties in a timely manner. The aircraft was successfully delivered to Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport.

AERO LINK will be providing aircrew management services to OTT airlines in due course and serve as their flight operations advisor. AERO LINK is looking forward to our long-term business partnership with OTT airlines in offering top quality services to our clients.

AERO LINK與中國國企東方航空旗下公務機公司, 一二三航空(基地位於上海),於2021年8月10日,就雙方合作意向,達成共識並簽訂合作協議,並於2021年8月27日,完成首次聯合飛行。


未來AERO LINK將會適時向一二三航空提供機組管理服務,及擔任相關的飛行任務顧問。我們期待雙方展開長遠及和諧的夥伴關係,攜手保障客戶每一個行程。