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【AERO LINK x Lanmei Airlines】 同心抗疫:AERO LINK聯同瀾湄航空 順利運送防疫物資予鄰國

We are proud to announce that AERO LINK, partnered with Lanmei Airlines, has successfully delivered two cargos of epidemic prevention supplies from China to a neighbouring country in the past two days.

COVID-19 has continued to spread rapidly in many countries around the world. China has become a global role model in curbing large-scale spread of coronavirus with the help and cooperation of its entire country. China has also been supporting its neighbouring countries by continuously sending epidemic prevention supplies to help them fight COVID-19. In addition, China has been making all-out effort to help with disease prevention and control in countries that are our national partner under the Belt and Road Initiative. Being a charter flight company based in Hong Kong China, AERO LINK is delighted to be able to assist a national foundation in our country to deliver a total of 36 tons of epidemic control supplies from our land to an allied country under the Belt and Road Initiative in the beginning of June. From cargo documentations to visa arrangements, our operations team has showcased excellent professionalism to complete the mission by arranging two A320 cargo flights to deliver much needed epidemic prevention supplies on behalf of our country.

AERO LINK 立足中國 面向世界
2019新型冠狀病毒病疫情反覆,在舉國上下的共同協作下,中國成為全球典範,率先遏制病毒大規模傳播。在過往的日子,中國不斷為鄰國送上防疫物資,提供友好支援。尤其對於「一帶一路」計劃的合作夥伴國家,我國更是傾盡所能,義不容辭地協助防控。就在本月月初,我國一大型國際人道援助組織再度向鄰國捐出物資,以協助遏止新型冠狀病毒病及變種病毒在各地的迅速傳播。作為一家立足中國,面向世界的航企,AERO LINK深感榮幸能參與是次物資運送計劃,成功聯同瀾湄航空於過去兩天安排兩班A320貨運班機安全運送多達36噸防疫物資予鄰國政府。

AERO LINK is a professional and reliable company providing comprehensive services to our customers. Whether it is a passenger flight or a cargo flight, AERO LINK’s professional team applies itself to every single trip to ensure quality service. From flight itinerary to cargo volume calculation, our team will make sure every aspect of the trip is well taken care of with heart and soul. Although the arrangements for this cargo flight are slightly complicated in comparison with ordinary commercial cargo flights and this project involved many departments and some at diplomatic level, the process was able to be carried out smoothly with the professional coordination from Lanmei Airlines and various other units; enabling batches of epidemic prevention supplies to be safely and successfully delivered to their destinations, providing support and protection to residents in neighbouring country. AERO LINK plays an important role in this project. Not only was AERO LINK responsible for arranging aircrafts and handling cargo, but our team also had to work closely with local embassies, immigration authorities, diplomatic personnel, civil aviation administration and other units to ensure the aircraft’s take-off and landing permits are granted, the cargo’s import and export documents and packaging specifications are of the required standards. Moreover, AERO LINK is responsible for the baggage and catering arrangements for passengers before the departure of the passenger charter flight. AERO LINK also strived to safeguard the flight to ensure smooth delivery of the anti-epidemic supplies to the destination. 

周全服務  專業可靠
不論是載客或是貨運,AERO LINK專業團隊從行程安排、貨量計算、出入境聯絡,以至地上地下的每一個細節也定必盡心盡力安排。有賴瀾湄航空以及各個單位的專業配合,是次包機安排程序雖較一般商業貨運繁複,但過程尚算順利,好讓一批又一批的防疫用品安全送達目的地,為鄰國居民在全球抗疫物資短缺的環境下送上一份支持和保障。 AERO LINK作為整個運送項目的重要一員,不僅負責安排飛機及處理貨物,更在過程中緊密聯絡當地大使館、入境部門、外交人員、民航局等單位,以確保飛機的起落批文、貨物的進出口文件、包裝規格等能符合要求,在起飛前也為隨行人員跟進行李和餐飲安排。這次項目涉及多個部門及外交層面等的特殊背景,AERO LINK的團隊竭力保障航班以確保順利把物資送達目的地。 

AERO LINK has been treating every single charter flight arrangement with diligence since its establishment. Although our team faced a lot of unexpected events during the arrangement of the cargo flights and there were a lot more documents to handle and procedures to follow than usual, our team managed to hold fast to our position and work with dedication. All the epidemic prevention supplies were delivered safely and on time to the destination for the public to fight against COVID-19. We are also pleased that we were able to give relevant parties a hand in sending disease prevention supplies to the public. We would also like to thank our clients for their continuous support and trust, governments of both countries, civil aviation administrations, security bureau, department of health, and the entire cargo team of Lanmei Airlines for their cooperation in facilitating the completion of this task. We sincerely hope that contributions from all parties can help to put an end to the COVID pandemic and prevent it from spreading further. With best wishes from our AERO LINK team, we will always be there and stand by you! Stay safe!

克盡己任  傳遞支援
AERO LINK自創辦以來認真應對每一單包機安排,儘管這次貨運包機的安排過程比一般航班出現較多突發情況,需要處理的文件和手續亦較平常繁多,AERO LINK整個團隊堅守崗位、克盡己任逐項應對,最終把全數防疫物資安全和準時送達目的地以供民眾對抗病毒,我們深感欣慰能配合各有心單位為民眾送上防疫保障。衷心感謝客戶大力的支持和信任,兩國政府、民航局、保安局、衛生部門,以至瀾湄航空全體貨運團隊的準確配合,讓這次任務順利完成。