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Brilliant Jet Guangzhou

Zues Lee 李祖生, Vice Manager of Flight Department 飛行部副總經理

As one of Brilliant Jet's trustworthy partners, AERO LINK has been offering excellent charter service in the initial stage of our collaboration. Its superior standard in flight operation, aircrew management, resource allocation, and crisis management makes the prospect of our partnership exciting and rewarding. We wish AERO LINK a remarkable new year which sees its business taking off to new heights and achieving spectacular success!

作為Brilliant Jet的優質合作夥伴之一,通過前期的深入合作,AERO LINK為我公司提供了優質和卓越的服務,嚴格規範的操作標準,完善的全套機組資源解決方案,全天候的客戶服務響應速度,豐富的機組資源庫,出色的危機解決機制,高效的結算效率,令人印象深刻,是值得長期合作的優質夥伴。在新年來臨之際,恭祝AERO LINK发展蒸蒸日上,更上一層樓。

Sino Jet (BJ) Management Limited

Henry He 何晨, Director of Operations 運行總監

I would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude and share the great Cooperation experiences with AERO LINK on behalf of Sino Jet Beijing.

2020 has been a very challenger year since the Pandemic situation brought dramatic impacts to the Business Aviation industry, even the routine operations became difficult to implement.

We had a number of new aircraft need to be delivered back to China this year, but the crew arrangement was the core barrier which has to be overcome, with the fast changing CIQ requirements, aircraft delivery once became almost impossible due to crew shortage, all of our proposals reached to a dead end.

AERO LINK provided its abundant resources to clear all the obstacles and did its best assistants to enhance the aircraft handover smoothly.

As a leading Aviation Service Company, AERO LINK has always been a professional advisor, a strong partner, and a reliable supporter. I believe that the stronger connection between us will lead us defeat the tough situation and I wish AERO LINK a brighter prospect in the future.

YouJet Management Limited

Eva Ho, Flight Support Manager

Thank you AERO LINK for providing our company with tremendous help over the past two years! Your round-the-clock support has been most timely and invaluable, especially in matching us with qualified pilots. There were times when we urgently needed them for ad hoc services, and your company could always offer solutions to resolve the problems and even take care of all relevant paperwork for us. This allows our team to focus on other itinerary arrangements. We look forward to continuing our partnership with AERO LINK to set new standards for the industry and provide our customers with excellent experience! Much appreciated!

真的衷心感謝AERO LINK過去兩年多的幫忙, 貴公司的24/7服務真的讓我們公司業務幫助了不少,在我們急需聘用暫代飛行員的時侯,貴公司的團隊每次都能迅速回應及匹配給我們合資格的飛行員,並且處理妥當飛行員在整個服務其間的工作及所需文件等,讓我們公司可以安心專注於其他行程上的安排。展望未來大家會有更多的合作空間及機會,為業界出點力; 為客戶提供更優越的服務及體驗 ! 再一次感謝!

HK Bellawings. Jet Limited

Peter Fu Peishan 付沛山, Chief Pilot 首席飛行師

On behalf of HK BellaWings, our pleasure to give a big thanks to AERO LINK's support in past two year. AERO LINK has provided a world-class crewing services. In a fast paced world, our clients’ aviation support requirements can change frequently which is the most challenging condition we are always facing. However, AERO LINK's 24/7 ops team are always standing by with us for prompt and suitable solutions.

AERO LINK has committed to provide safe, conscientious and expert crews all over the world to our clients with reliability, flexibility and competence.

We highly appreciate Ms. Betsy Lai, head of ops team and her colleagues' hard work during urgent and sudden enquiries. Her professions on crews management assist BellaWings a smooth and stable operation.

We wish AERO LINK a bright future and fruitful business partnership with BellaWings and aviation industry.

首先謹代表香港麗翔公務航空公司感謝AERO LINK過去兩年對麗翔航空的信任和支持。在過去這段日子, AERO LINK的團隊不但為我們提供不同類型的機組匹配方案,團隊24/7全天候待命的服務宗旨更為我們提供大大小小適切和即時的飛行方案,保障客戶的行程。

AERO LINK為我們配對和挑選來自全球各地的機組,務求提供達世界水平的飛行員執行任務,為我們省卻很多前期功夫。尤其藉此表揚Betsy帶領的飛行咨詢團隊,每每為我們提供各類方案,在控製成本達至最大效益的前提下滿足客戶的需求。

在此祝AERO LINK業務蒸蒸日上,繼續在業內提升影響力。

Nanshan Jet Co., Ltd.

Johnny Yang, Captain of Gulfstream G550 & G650 灣流G550及G650 機長

首先感謝AERO LINK在過去一年對南山公務機公司及其飛行員團隊的支持,不僅為飛行員匹配合適的飛行合約,過程中亦全程跟蹤飛行的每項需要,從出門後的交通、酒店、飛行計劃、以至安排飛行員順利到家,減輕機組人員的工作量。

AERO LINK不但提供優質的機組人員支援服務,更秉持高效、適時、和貼心的服務原則,在處理人員調配、飛行和財務等項目上都非常謹慎和準確。

謹祝AERO LINK發展蒸蒸日上,更上一層樓。

National Business Aviation Association 商用航空協會會員

Fredrick Shih 施峰, 灣流 G450/G550 空客A320 飛行員 Pilot

作為一名公務機的合約飛行員,有幸自2019年與AERO LINK團隊合作,參與多架飛機的全球運營飛行,堅定爲以下目標前進:

— 保持國際標準的飛行安全紀錄,
— 盡可能滿足客戶期望與要求,
— 優化成本控制及提高工作效率,

AERO LINK團隊為公務機管理公司及機組提供的服務平臺,推動了公務機行業的持續發展;感謝Betsy帶領的飛行資訊團隊給予最全面、有效的專業建議。希望在未來的日子裡,繼續合作,迎接一切挑戰。

I have had a great partnership working with AERO LINK since 2019. We have flown trips worldwide with multiple operators . During this process, we consistently aim for the objective of:

* International standards of safety in flight operation,
* Deliver customer's request and expectation,
* Optimizing cost control and efficiency,

AERO LINK provides great resources between operators and flight crew. Thank you, Betsy, for running the team to solve business aviation challenges!