Talent Acquisition & Executive Recruitment

About Our Service

Aero Link assists leaders of the global airlines, aircraft leasing and corporate jet companies in search of their ideal talent. Our name stands for our ability to listen and understand what drives both our clients and candidates. Only in this way can we truly convey the expectations of each. The team at Aero Link has experience and expertise in talent acquisition, working with great companies.

Our Knowledge

We know talent requirements are evolving in different countries for global companies and local firms that have chosen to acquire aviation assets. But uniquely in a crowded marketplace, Aero Link has genuine strategic and operations knowledge to help clients select their best talent. Equally, this enables us to assist candidates in making the right decision regarding their next career move.


Our Services

For the client

Aero Link offers you our services as the leading authority on talent acquisition for the world’s best. We realize that each company and assignment is different, and while we have a proven talent acquisition process, we would always tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

For the candidate

Aero Link is committed to advising candidates and representing them for appointments best suited to their experience, expertise, career, and family.

The typical Aero Link candidate would be an individual who has passion at the aviation industry; has carefully nurtured his/her career, harnessing opportunities for continuous professional development; and one who can demonstrate long-term vision, while remaining realistic and flexible.

In order to help you, we want to understand your needs. We always request that you provide us with as comprehensive a brief as possible, including job roles and descriptions, latest company information, proposed remuneration and benefits, parameters in negotiation, and clear timelines. If possible, we would always seek to undertake an initial discussion on a direct and personal basis.

If you are put forward for a position, you can expect to undergo a rigorous process that would include any or all of the following after the submission of your CV – an initial discussion with Aero Link on your experience and expectations, and the setting of negotiation parameters; client interview; and possible visits to the company and meeting future colleagues. From our end, Aero Link is committed to confidentiality, and to providing suitable candidates with as clear a brief as possible on your potential new role and company.